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Fiend Wars is a remake of the Original ShadowRaze Wars a Warcraft® III The Frozen Throne™ map based on the abilities of a hero in Defense of the Ancients (DotA) Nevermore - Shadowfiend, the map was originally developed by GrowTrees/Nevilinity and recreated by me PaoloGerochi.

In Fiend Wars you have to upgrade from different razes and requiems to eliminate your enemies, you can't use your attack/hit to kill your enemies even when they are nearing death, but you have to use your razes and requiem to damage your enemies. Every kill gives you 2 gold, and subsequent streaks of kills can give you an additional 1 gold, also everytime you gain a level increases your hit points, Raze damage, and as well as your Requiem damage.

The map requires Warcraft® III The Frozen Throne™.


Update: Fiend Wars v1.07 AI is available now!


Two modes are available in this map.

1. Free For All - No Allies, you must eliminate all other players.
2. Team Play - Has Allies, you must help your team eliminate the other team.

There are shops in this map, You can purchase items like Kelen's Dagger of Escape, Healing Salve, Observer Wards. There is also a hero stats/skill upgrade shop as well.

But wait something is missing? Oh yeah! Runes/Powerups? Don't worry, They are also in the map for more fun. Runes include Healing, Haste, Map Reveal etc.

I bet you will get addicted once you play this awesome map!





Fiend Wars 1.07 Changelogs:

- Improved Items
- Improved Map
- AI Improvement (But Still Bugged)
- Bug Fixes
- Gameplay Improvement
- Fixed Bug (Other Players Cannot Select A Hero)

- Fixed Bug (Map Contains An Error)
- AI Recoded
- Maximum Numbers Of Kills Can Now Be Set To Custom


Fiend Wars 1.04 Changelogs:

- Improved Items
- Replaced Some Items
- AI Improvement (Uses Requiem But Still Buggy)
- Bug Fixes
- Map Texture Replaced
- Improved Many Things


Fiend Wars 1.03b Changelogs:

- Improved Items:
Health Stone
Kelen's Dagger of Escape
Refresher's Orb
Healing Salve
Observer Wards

- Added New Items:
Phase Boots
Lothar's Edge
Orchid Malevolence
Aghanim's Scepter

- Added New Razes & Requiems:
Death Raze
Precise Raze
Tidal Raze
Requiem of Death
Requiem of Waves
Requiem of Lightning

- Added AI Players:
Now you can play with Computer Players



Have Fun :)